Master Murdoch Stiubhard

Calontir Seneschal

(Bruce Lapham)
(816) 533-5269
(Please no calls after 9:00pm.)

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North Regional Deputy

Lady Verctissa neptis Venutii

Baronies: Coeur d’Ennui, Lonely Tower, Mag Mor

Shires, Cantons & Colleges: Axed Root, Deodar, Flinthyll, Heraldshill, No Mountain, Shadowdale

East Regional Deputy

Duchess Aislinn MacInnes

Baronies: Three Rivers

Shires, Cantons & Colleges: Amlesmore, Bellewode, Calanais Nuadh, Crystal Mynes, Grimfells, Loch Smythe, Lost Forest, Oakheart, Standing Stones, Wyvern Cliffe

Contact Groups: Gryphon�s Mark - St. Charles, MO contact group

West Regional Deputy

Honorable Lord Brendan Mac an tSaoir

Baronies: Forgotten Sea, Vatavia

Shires, Cantons & Colleges: Aston Tor, Bois d’Arc, Carlsby, Crescent Moon, Cum an Iolair, Dun Ard, Golden Sea, Lost Moor, Spinning Winds, Westumbria

Contact Groups: Moonstone - Emporia, KS contact group


Lady Lucia of Vatavia

Chatelaine’s page


Mistress Tatiana Dieugarde

Calontir Crown Tournament & Coronation Bid System
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Minister of Youth

Mistress Roselyn of Aberdeen

Minister of Youth’s page

Media Relations

Gravin Magdalena vander Meere

Media Relations page

Social Media Deputy

Honorable Lady Roise inghean ui Rhauidhrie
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Waiver Secretary

Honorable Lord Gunnar Thorisson

Lilies Committee Chair

Duke Joe Angus Wilson of Clan Gunn

Lilies War Committee page
Lilies Committee Intranet site (login required)


Laws of the Kingdom of Calontir 13th Edition

As of the signing of the 14th Edition of Calontir Kingdom Law, there will be no more officially printed editions. Therefore, any conflict between a printed version and the most recent electronic version found on the Kingdom website will be decided in favor of the electronic version.

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